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Cloudquest activity The purpose of this activity is to provide a structure for exploring the...

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Rebecca Galley
8 March 2010

Cloudquest activity

The purpose of this activity is to provide a structure for exploring the Cloudworks site and considering how useful a tool it is for you. We will have a quick look at the answers at the end but the review will focus on what you thought about the site and it's potential for the team.

Go to (the Cloudworks homepage)

Spend a couple of minutes orientating yourselves (What is the site for? Who is it for? Where can I get help should I need it? etc)

Q1: What is the difference between a Cloud and a Cloudscape? (write down a URL for where you find the information)

Q2: How many people from the Open University are registered on the site?

Q3: Find the Cloud entitled ‘Google wave’. List all the different ways someone can add to a Cloud.

Q4: Type the phrases ‘Information literacy’ and/or ‘Digital literacy’ into the search box. How far are the information, ideas and debates around these topics useful and up-to-date? Who is the content aimed at? Course teams, Associate lecturers, Librarians? What are the gaps?

Q5 In groups discuss the ways in which Cloudworks could support the work you do and write these on the post-it notes

Q6 In groups discuss the barriers to using a tool like Cloudworks. And again write these on the post-it notes

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Rebecca Galley
11:40am 17 March 2010 (Edited 8:43am 18 March 2010)

Q5 Workshop Responses: How could Cloudworks support the work we do?

  • Central information hub (although many of these already)
  • Good for gaining opinions outside of OU
  • Sharing of ideas
  • Informs about ne developments in profession/ field
  • Improves social interation amongst collegues
  • Improved collaboration with course teams - especially CT members at a distance
  • Another space to get involved in conversations with influential people
  • Discuss information literacy with practitioners from other institutions
  • Supports project work (if its ok to do 'openly')
  • Make resources and services more visable
  • Geographical limitations eliminated
  • Make Information Literacy more visible
  • Collaborate and plan withing team esp. useful for P/T staff
  • Creates debate and discussion
  • Opportunity to find out what other people are doing
  • Supports finding views/ comments on topics around teaching

Rebecca Galley
11:46am 17 March 2010 (Edited 8:43am 18 March 2010)

Q6 Workshop Responses: What are the barriers to using Cloudworks?

  • As open, may not want to put information up
  • Amount of content
  • Another tool for collaboration. Which to choose? dilutes? Who uses and who is elsewhere?
  • How do we engage module teams with Cloudworks?
  • Internet access/ literacy
  • Time factor
  • It's not focussed - hard to follow!
  • If a tool isn't embedded in daily work - it may appear as an extra that demands extra time to use
  • No structure to it
  • Inconsistent use of terminology
  • Lacking in content for some Clouds

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