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ELLI Mentoring

This cloud is the place to discuss the practice of mentoring using the ELLI approach, specifically...

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Simon Buckingham Shum
11 March 2010

This cloud is the place to discuss the practice of mentoring using the ELLI approach, specifically the 7-dimensional spider diagram generated from learners' self-reports when completing the ELLI web survey.

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Geoff Cox
4:55pm 11 March 2010

I find it hard to get past my initial impression on seeing an ELLI spider diagram for the first time i.e. Brilliant content presented in a visually uninspiring way.

I'd be interested in hearing from those of you who have far more experience of ELLI than I have. Would a more exciting and appealing spider diagram add value? What would be the elements that would add this excitement and appeal? Colour? More visually dynamic?
Maybe, as a design professional, I'm being oversensitive?

Chris Edwards
12:26pm 12 March 2010

I know this has bugged you Geoff from the outset and I'm sure others will feel the same. The ELLI team have confirmed that it is possible to skin the portal ( as needed for an organisational context and presumably this could include a restyled graphic. Perhaps Kevin could clarify?

Simon Buckingham Shum
3:27pm 12 March 2010

@Geoff - good point to raise.

  1. We could certainly make the spider diagram visually sexier, simply to engage a more visually literate audience who have grown used to very high quality graphics. I'm thinking tint, transluscence, shadow, etc
  2. A spider diagram is just one way to represent n-dimensional data, so we should explore others as well. The same profile could be rendered via a variety of visualizations, from which the user could pick the one they like, especially if we wanted to offer the option to embed it on one's homepage, or as a way to rate learning resources/events (either as static graphic, or interactive app).


Geoff Cox
3:50pm 12 March 2010

Thanks Chris and Simon, I knew that I could rely on you already having had some thoughts on this. I really like the idea of different audiences (or different individuals) being able to influence how they see their ELLI  profile. I think that having the representation of a profile that is as visually exciting as the data is informationally exciting would make it so much easier to build interest.


Ruth Deakin Crick
2:30pm 14 March 2010

The only thing that is stopping us doing things like this now, is the capacity and infrastructure to do so..and hopefully that is changing

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