Information literacy at the OU

An overview of current work in IL at the OU

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Katharine Reedy
12 March 2010

OU Library staff support the OU's Learning and Teaching Strategy by working towards the integration of information literacy into the curriculum.

We have also developed our own courses with OU colleagues, such as The evolving information professional  and TU120 Beyond Google (which has now finished presentation). Current work includes:

  • a levels framework for IL at masters level, which builds on the undergraduate levels framework now in use by OU module and programme teams,  and aims to encourage progression
  • supporting Open University tutors in their IL skills development, to enable them to help students develop IL skills
  • producing an evaluation and benchmarking framework for IL materials
  • creating guidelines for authoring IL materials, and assessing IL 
  • together with other key OU partners, investigating digital literacies and mapping the overlaps between information and digital literacy

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