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K101 formative quiz: Flash animation and audio feedback

Description This e-assessment example comes on a DVD-ROM rather than online. A sequence of...

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Ingrid Nix
12 March 2010


(View slides 3 to 8 from the PPT link provided.) This e-assessment example comes on a DVD-ROM rather than online. A sequence of questions takes students through steps in how to read and derive meaning from the chart or table presented. While the chart remains constant, students are asked a number of questions on how to read it in different ways – using points on the graph, selected rows or columns and so on. It is formative assessment. Unlike many examples it doesn’t permanently record input from the student since it is DVD based.


This example uses animation and audio feedback, making it relatively innovative. It is able to do this because it is based on Flash animation. Most OU e-assessment is based on either OpenMark or Moodle Quiz, or a combination of both. It also has a full transcript for the audio recording, accessible directly from each activity. It is also innovative in that it provides detailed feedback after a correct answer (not after an incorrect answer), and thereby aims to motivate students with low confidence levels, prior to them attempting  a summative Moodle Quiz activity.

Many students who complete this activity will go on to study in the Social Work Degree Programme, so this example can be considered as part of the introduction to e-assessment in that programme.

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