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ICT skills assessed via iCMAs: K113, K216 and K315 Innovation across a programme

DescriptionThis OpenMark question invites the student to drag and drop different elements to their...

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Ingrid Nix
12 March 2010


Within the link above go to question 2. This OpenMark question invites the student to drag and drop different elements to their correct position on the image. It tests the student’s understanding of ICT generally, and how Excel charts work more specifically. The title ‘Practice’ is used in this programme to refer to formative assessment.


This single example, although not especially innovative in itself, is significant in that it represents the use of e-assessment throughout a programme, in this case the Social Work Degree Programme offered by HSC. The use of e-assessment in the first course in this programme, K113 is an induction that primes students in basic skills of the use of ICT and Information Literacy (IL). The e-assessment for the next course, K216, develops this approach by focussing on how these basic skills might be applied in social work  settings. Finally, K315 asks that students critically reflect on their own practice: as a practice-based course, the e-assessment encourages them to think about how the ICT tools they use might improve the quality of the social work service they offer.

The link provided is for K216 formative iCMA Practice 1.

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