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Online supervision: from Skype to Second Life

Lucia Rapanotti Workshop 2D and Workshop 6B

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13 March 2010

Lucia Rapanotti

Tuesday 23 March, 1.30pm-2.30pm
Workshop 2D
Library second floor, Research Meeting Room

Wednesday 24 March, 1.45pm-2.45pm
Workshop 6B
Library second floor, Seminar room 1

The workshop is an introduction to online tools that can be used for remote research supervision. It will include a demo of three technologies (Skype, Elluminate Live and Second Life) with their different modes of interaction, instructions on how to get started, and a discussion and some practical tips for effective remote supervision based on our practice in the Computing Department. The workshop is tailored to novice users, but any contribution to the discussion from experienced users would be very welcome.

Lucia Rapanotti is a Senior Lecturer in the Computing Department, with a Laurea Cum Laude (Milan, Italy) and a PhD (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) in Computer Science. She is a Member of the Editorial Board of Expert Systems, The Journal of Knowledge Engineering and a Member of the BCS. Previously she was Editor-in-Chief of Expert Systems, and Secretary of the BCS Requirements Engineering Specialist Group.

Her main research focus is problem solving and design, in particular in the engineering of software intensive systems, and she is co-inventor of the Problem Oriented Engineering framework. She has published widely in international conferences and journals, and is a member of numerous international programme committees.

Lucia has been with the OU since 1996. She has worked on many courses and award boards at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with roles that span from educational software design to academic authoring and editing, to production and presentation chair.

Lucia is Production Manager and co-Chair of the Virtual MPhil, and she supervises several PhD, MPhil and MSc students.

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The co-presenter for this session is Leonor Barroca.

Leonor Barroca is a Senior Lecturer in the Computing Department with a PhD (Univ. Southampton) in Computer Science. Her research is in the Software Engineering area where she has published in international conferences and journals and been a member of international conferences programme committees.

Leonor has been with the OU since 1994, mainly involved in the Computing postgraduate programme, having chaired the whole programme and the production and presentation of several of its courses. She is currently chairing M885 (Analysis and Design of Enterprise Systems) and recently been an author in M363 (Software Engineering with Objects). She is the Postgraduate Admissions Tutor for Computing, co-Chair of the Virtual MPhil and she is also a member of the NIIT partnership team.

Lucia Rapanotti
09:45 on 23 March 2010

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