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Time management for busy researchers

Nigel Pugh Wednesday 24 March, 11.45am-12.45pm, Workshop 5D, CMR01

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14 March 2010

Nigel Pugh

Wednesday 24 March, 11.45am-12.45pm
Workshop 5D
Central Meeting Room 01

Many people, not just students, have problems working out how best to use their time and even when they do so they may still struggle to implement what they ‘know’ they should do. In this session, we will look at some of the most common “time wasters” and together share tips and flag up important practical ways of overcoming these and other difficulties with managing time, after we’ve gained some core insights into different degrees of effective time management.  Lessons learned here can benefit your productivity as a researcher and could make all the difference to your career success.

Nigel Pugh is HR Development Adviser to the Research School, and also a freelance Development Consultant.  After some pioneering research in the philosophy of religion, he turned to human psychology and skills development to explore human potential and how to overcome the many challenges people face in their lives and work.  This led to the study and practice of a remarkable host of people development, coaching, peak performance and psychometric tools. His work here at the OU is focused on utilising the most relevant parts of these study areas more widely, through the provision of appropriate training for researchers, managers and staff.   Lately among researchers he has pioneered and developed innovative highly rated trainings in Mentoring and also Networking skills.  Nigel has studied and implemented some of the most cutting edge time management systems on the market and brings a selection of tips and tools today in this short session.

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time management video

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