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Academic literacy: writing abstracts

Sarah North, Wednesday 24 March, 1.45-2.45pm Workshop 6D, Wilson D Block

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14 March 2010

Sarah North

Wednesday 24 March, 1.45-2.45pm
Workshop 6D
Wilson D Block, HR Learning & Development Centre, Room 3

This session will focus on the structure and rhetorical moves of conference abstracts. As a group we will consider the criteria for effective abstracts, identify the key elements or ‘moves’ in a number of abstracts from different disciplines, and look at some features of writing style that may show disciplinary variation. Some sample abstracts will be provided as a starting point for discussion, but you may also like to bring along an example from your own field, or perhaps an abstract you have written yourself.

Sarah North works for the OU on a consultancy basis, having previously been a senior lecturer in the Centre for Language and Communication. She has taught English and trained English teachers in a range of overseas contexts, including China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Tanzania and Mexico.  Her doctorate was in academic literacy, and her research interests centre on English for academic purposes, language and literacy, and computer-mediated communication. Her publications include Exploring English Grammar (2009), with Caroline Coffin and Jim Donohue, and Applied Linguistics in Action (2010), with Guy Cook, as well as articles in Applied Linguistics, ELT Journal and Studies in Higher Education

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