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SocialLearn and Cloudworks: Developing your PhD Skills with online tools

Rebecca Ferguson, Workshops 6G and 7G

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14 March 2010

Rebecca Ferguson

Wednesday 24 March, 1.45-2.45pm
Workshop 6G
Second floor library, Information Suite

Wednesday 24 March, 3.15-4.15pm
Workshop 7G
Second floor library, Information Suite

Cloudworks includes a set of resources that can be used to help you to develop your research skills. It also offers the possibility of discussing these skills online, and sharing useful links and references.

SocialLearn provides an additional set of tools that support your use of Cloudworks and other relevant websites.

Rebecca Ferguson is a Research Fellow in the Knowledge Media Institute at The Open University, working on the university’s SocialLearn project. Her main research interest is in how people learn together successfully online. This has included investigations of learners’ use of forums, blogs, wikis and virtual worlds, and of how these technologies can be used to complement face-to-face interaction. Her PhD, which she completed in IET, focused on the construction of shared knowledge through asynchronous dialogue. Her current focus is on how social learning tools can be used to help postgraduate students locate and make sense of the resources they need.

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