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Resource: Cloudworks leaflet

An introductory leaflet. Updated March 2010....

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Rebecca Galley
15 March 2010

An introductory leaflet for Cloudworks. Updated March 2010.

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Cloudworks leaflet (.pdf)

Cloudworks leaflet (.pdf)

added by Rebecca Galley


Janet Harvell
11:19am 13 April 2013

How does this open as a pdf document that i can print off?

Rebecca Galley
7:52am 15 April 2013

Hi Janet, you click on the Slideshare icon and once in Slideshare you click on 'Save' (save this document). You will then be given the opportunity to open as a pdf. This leaflet is a couple of years old now so let us know if you have any questions or queries it doesn't answer (for example badging fuctionality isn't on there) Rebecca

Janet Harvell
11:50am 2 May 2013

Many thanks Rebecca

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