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Research Methods Cloudquest

Cloudquest for the Research Methods Conference, March 2010

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18 March 2010

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If you are new to Cloudworks, take a look at the ‘Using Cloudworks’ cloudscape.
How many people from the Open University are registered on the site?

Take a look at the Cloudstream for this conference ‘PGRS Methods Conference 2010’
How many people have registered as attending the conference?
What resources have been added that relate to the conference?
When a comment is posted on Cloudworks, where does it appear (it appears in more than one place).

Visit the Cloudscape ‘Research Skills required by PhD students’. Take some time to explore the Cloudscape and its associated clouds.

If you can, look at (This is behind the OU firewall, so you will need to sign in with your OUCU.)

With a partner

Choose two PhD skills you will be working on this year. Compare how they are presented on PhD Skills and in Cloudworks. Discuss the similarities and differences.

Look at the cloud ‘Promotion of public understanding’ – one of the PhD skills expected of you by the university and the research councils. With your partner, discuss how you intend to promote public understanding of your research, and post a comment about this if you can.

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