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OER10: Unicycle - sustainable model for OER

Simon Thomson presenting at OER10 22 March 2010...

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Patrick McAndrew
22 March 2010

Simon Thomson presenting at OER10 22 March 2010

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Three dimensions to sustainable (OECD, 2007)

-       Size

-       Type

-       Level of integration

Cyclical approach. Survey (150 staff). 62% aware, 0% not interested. Small entral OER support set up based on existing institutional structure (PVC – Assessment Learning & Teaching, link to ALT/TEL teams, Repository development, copyright clearance office). Produce:

  • Guidance & Supprt
  • Policy creation
  • Staff development
  • Reward & recognition

Within UKOER can draw on open documents from others working in UKOER. Link also to CETLS – offering them an output route alongside the academic faculties and study materials from the student support services. Assigned faculty and area coordinators (1day/fortnight) – manage content locally, oversee quality, cascade IPR, set up events, raise awareness, submit content, liaise with OER team, feedback, share good practice.

Revealed different needs from different areas – e.g. medical information needs a flagged up valid period. Quality checking locally provided comfort for subject areas, did not create new materials. This is a challenge as converting something to open can be more difficult than making something open from scratch. Some variation to allow for e.g. health. Takes typically 2-3 hours to check a 1 hour powerpoint. In future may only address new content. Images are often illustrative and found from Google (67/118) also take photos (21) … Flickr (with cc) (1). Now encourage staff to use Flicke with cc – 250 staff now through workshop to change practice. 90% of pictures removed or replaced from presentations.

Used IntraLibrary to provide repository. Aim to have direct uploading form faculty representatives – most go via OER support team (not sustainable). Trying to encourage direct uploading as project completes. Need policy in place to set guidelines. For all staff to engage in uploadinf need it to be simple drag-and-drop.

Reward – identified OER as element of performance process.

  • End survey – all staff see value. 82% ready to engage.
  • Taking OER forward with policies and embedding

Patrick McAndrew
11:48 on 22 March 2010 (Edited 12:57 on 22 March 2010)

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