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Samuel Nikoi at Leicester University talked about an evaluation framework...

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Patrick McAndrew
22 March 2010

Samuel Nikoi at Leicester University talked about an evaluation framework

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Evaluation framework developed within the University of Leicester OTTER project for conversion of content from existing teaching materials to OER.


-       staff attitudes (King et al., 2008)

-       degrees of openness

-       design for openness


-       UNESCO Toolkit

-       Andy Lane – integrated model

OTTER experience has led to CORRE framework

C – Content:

-       Gathering: Analyse, look for gaps, reach agreement (written)

-       Screening: type, editorial issues, language (cross-cultural), learning design

O – Openness

-       Pedagogical: changes to context, goals, activities, outcomes, level, …

-       Legal: 3rd party, acknowledged, copyright held, permission, cost, appropriate CC chosen

-       Technical: formats, standalone, other tools required, potential to evolve.

RR – Reuse and repurpose

-       internal validation: OER team/Academic partners/stakeholder carry out reality check

-       externally: put online and get feedback from students and educators.  (70 students giving feedback – 12 external, 18 educators interviewed)

E – Evidence

-       Quantitative: Google analytics, views, downloads, etc.

-       Qualitative: Questions about changes, difficulties, benefits, improvements.

Q: what is the resource required by the framework.

A: OTTER has allowed us to do this. Without this the resource implications.

Q: How to negotiate with faculties.

A: Built on existing connections – used a simple memorandum to reach agreement  (not in legal terms).

Patrick McAndrew
13:02 on 22 March 2010

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