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OER10: Reuse of OER

Chris Pegler describes her view of the way that reuse can be supported by OER and SCORE (presented...

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Patrick McAndrew
23 March 2010

Chris Pegler describes her view of the way that reuse can be supported by OER and SCORE (presented on 23 March 2010 at OER10)

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Chris describe how reuse can be identified and encourages with open resources. She set out four stage that she could identify in brief history of reuse:

reuse at personal level (RLO) -> describe it so people can discover -> need to automate -> need to be open

Move towards openness – but not just about the give, also the take. Chris has looked across many case studies – all with good intentions. She suggest to look for red, amber, green indications as a “dashboard” to allow comparison and prediction. Look for influences from management science – marketing, motivation and change management: reciprocity, commitment and consistency. People need to believe through social proof, liking, authority, scarcity. The RLO-CETL developed "learning object attribute metric" – allows a visual representation of the content.

Supply dashboard v demand dashboard: technical, quality, motivation. Each can be overviewed or broken down into factors


  • Technical: metadata, technology, rights, discoverability
  • Quality: perfectionism, protectionism, update expectations
  • Motivation: …


  • Technical: locate, reuse, user evaluations
  • Quality: user view: topicality, rearity, ..
  • Motivation: and restrictions: urgency, cost/benefits, past practice

Technical and quality aspects are “hygiene factors”. Approach covers system and people levels.

Patrick McAndrew
11:38 on 23 March 2010

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