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OER10: Open Content Literacy

LINDSEY MARTIN Developing a framework to support newbie content makers and sharersJISC ReProduce...

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Giota Alevizou
24 March 2010

Developing a framework to support newbie content makers and sharers
JISC ReProduce programme: 20 funded projects to test assumptions around reusing and repurposing of digital content
- case studies of cultural issues around the recreation of content
- main barrier to sharing is perceived complexity of actual practice
- re-purposing process takes longer than anticipated

Emerging open content literacy: a framework to support engagement with open content, acquisition of new skills and strategies and to manage the messiness and iterative nature of digital content creation.

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Lindsey is from Edge Hill University’s SOLSTICE CETL. She pointed out that there are multiple definitions mostly variants on the OERCommons definition. Lessons from previous work on reuse showed gaps in local knowledge and also the knowledge in the sector.

  • Is it easier to create from new?
  • Skills gaps
  • New roles – need a team
  • Good v good enough
  • Infrastructure – no local open repository

The work produced two outputs after the project completed. A Professional Development framework (linked to HEA levels), and a framework for Open Content Literacy. The PD framework maps activities that might happen to the recognition that it might bring.

A survey carried out by a SOLSTICE fellow (Peter Reed) showed a relatively low awareness of OER (31%) (from relatively expert users). There is also a relatively low level of people asking permission to use (~49%) – which is lower than for face-to-face content. However practically everyone (98%) would reuse relevant digital content.

A draft framework for open content literacy was distributed that Lindsey is seeking collaborators to work on.

Patrick McAndrew
09:52 on 24 March 2010

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Giota Alevizou
9:46am 24 March 2010

Lindsey carried out a survey testing perceptions on OER awareness:

'Are you aware of the Open Content Movement in HE, or any deliberate attempts to encourage content sharing and reuse?

  • Yes: 31%
  • No: 69 %

Have u ever used other peoples materials (websites, online guides)

  • Yes: 67%
  • No: 32%

What emerges from the survey is that many have used to content (without attribution) in 'closed circuits' and networks...copyleft? or plagiarism? But many mentioned that they would be willing to share and re-purpose openly if support for integrating in their curriculum was offered.

Patrick McAndrew
9:54am 24 March 2010

Q: (A volunteer to collaborate). How much central support is there on the technical side?

A: True that this is a factor. Central support is the solution at Edge Hill.

Q: Is Open Content different for Information Literacy?

A: Not really – but changes the motivation and placing from libraries to academic.

Comment: Information literacy is seen as a student problem, rather than academic. This provides greater academic engagement.

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