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OER10: Opencast Matterhorn

Bjorn Hassler on the early release of tools to help make video casts....

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Patrick McAndrew
24 March 2010

Bjorn Hassler on the early release of tools to help make video casts.

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His take home message is that Caret is offering podcast and vidcast support from “Opencast” and Steeple. Steeple has a greater UK and institutional focus. Bjorn focussed on the tools called “Matterhorn” coming out of Opencast with Mellon and Hewlett Foundation support) is then examining the way to automate the capture of lecture using hardware based on a specialised low-cost PC. There are commercial solutions but Matterhorn is seeking to be low-cast ($500/unit). With automated publishing to iTunesU and YouTube.

Q: Are you working with Brandon at MIT on their transcription system.

A: There is only space for a limited number of tools in HE – Matterhorn is working with MIT and also finding that people are prepared to abandon

Q: What about the pedagogy?

A: Not the focus for the project – but some partners are considering this Ostabruck(?) in Germany and there is a separate PPP (Podcasting for Pedagogical Purposes) project.

Q: Should project explore different uses? E.g. reflective practice

A: Coventry has looked at some of this – ELTAC. Also the system is helping offering disability support.

Patrick McAndrew
10:23 on 24 March 2010

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Giota Alevizou
11:01am 24 March 2010 (Edited 11:02am 24 March 2010)

Not a lot of pedagogical discussion taking place yet in the project; the aim is to enable <!--StartFragment-->institutions <!--EndFragment--> finds value. There are discussions about how to change the lectures however within the community platform of the project.

A participant from Leeds Metropolitan university mentioned that video is used  for peer observation of teaching.

...kick start to engage the instituion in thinking other ways: reflective practice or ways to change the nature of teaching [mash ups, mini-documentariesetc]. But at the moment it is mostly targetting disability support...

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