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OER10: Open University iTunesU

Catherine Chambers on The Open University's use of iTunesU. 23 March 2010....

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Patrick McAndrew
24 March 2010

Catherine Chambers on The Open University's use of iTunesU. 23 March 2010.

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The Open University has put “as much video and audio as they could clear rights for” onto iTunesU. Motivated by the aim to promote the OU brand – with 15million downloads so far looks on target. Focus on courses in presentation, research, global appeal, self-contained tracks, topical and academically relevant, broadcast quality editorial policy (relaxed for youtube). No lectures! In particular avoid video lectures.

Design driven and catchy titles –  (now trying audio versions). Present in terms of device format as that drives what people are after.

Production flow:

  1. Source
  2. Rights review
  3. Edit (may add academic audio commentary)
  4. Add metadata
  5. Final rights review

10% of all downloads are the pdf transcript. Also have pdf suggested activites.

Aim to now:

  • Reuse content in course production – particularly of the new
  • A course built on OER
  • Self-production of high quality high brand OER
  • Training academics

Some statistics

  • 15million downloads
  • 343,000/weeek
  • 10% downloads of transcript
  • 1.5m unique visitors
  • 1 in 7 go onto the OU websites
  • 87% outside UK

Patrick McAndrew
11:14 on 24 March 2010

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Patrick McAndrew
11:15am 24 March 2010

Q: are these OER as they are not creative commons licenced

A: no OpenLearn is CC but not iTunesU. Free and openrather than OER.

Q: how is it tracked across to OU?

A: KMi hold the data – it is experimental in particular the link to topicality

Q: Change the editorial approach

A: Change the thinking of academics. Multiplatform world with different roles.

Q: Match to the platform – work on Encyclopedia Britannica with Apple encourage people to use their features. This can limit transfer to other platforms.

A: Different markets such

Q: How much interest is there in OU

A: Focus on audio production – particularly for research. Across board interest, business school, looking at links to conference will go along to record content from the conference. Now have a waiting list.

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