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FevaTools -Formative Evaluation Tools for Online Course Design

Based on course (re)design as an iterative process, this site is a resource for instructors moving...

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Suzanne Aurilio
24 March 2010

Based on course (re)design as an iterative process, this site is a resource for instructors moving courses from traditional f2f modalities to more innovative (i.e., hybrid and distance) modalities.

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Gráinne Conole
7:42am 25 March 2010

Hi Suzanne 

These look really really useful - thanks for adding! Were you involved in creating this site? How is it being used in your university, is it a stand alone resource or are these resources used in workshops or other staff development activities?

Suzanne Aurilio
3:44pm 25 March 2010


I was peripherally involved. It was originally intended to be used by faculty across the California State University system as a stand along resource, but also to complement faculty development activities.  What's an interesting challenge with these kinds of initiatives is that we often create resources we perceive as useful and valuable, but communicating that value and making the resource's usefulness apparent is something else.  

We've been successful within structured faculty development programs, and http/ those times when we actually use the resource in our workshop. 

I've had both informal and formal feedback from some faculty, that they don't want or need "a bunch of choices" of course design resources. It appears they prefer that we choose and then guide them. I think this is consistent with what we know about workplace types of learning, it's effective when it's value is immediately obvious, and the path is as efficient as it can be. 

Thanks for Cloudworks!


Gráinne Conole
4:36pm 25 March 2010

So agree with you Suzanne! That's partly why I asked the question. PArt of the vision behind Cloudworks is to somehow get over this reinventing the wheel and genuinely get us as a community to co-construct.

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