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Using Pre-released Third Party Articles in the Final Assessment: Course: T324 - Keeping Ahead in ICT

The second part (Part 2) of the examination in this course is worth 60% and is based on...

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26 March 2010

The second part (Part 2) of the examination in this course is worth 60% and is based on third-party articles that are issued to students in advance mid-way through the course and are made available in the exam room. This approach was first used in 2007 and performance has been similar from the two cohorts who have taken this new style exam. Overall pass rates are high although it does appear that students, in spending more time preparing for Part 2 and despite detailed advice, are sometimes not giving Part 1 (short, comparatively straightforward questions covering the whole course) due attention. Slight changes are planned for 2009 with formative CMA quizzes planned for 2010.

Whilst pre-release examinations are not new to the OU, it is novel for undergraduate teaching of ICTs (Information Communications Technologies). This form of assessment means students can be asked rather more demanding questions, but without having to rely completely on memory – it therefore represents a desire for an ECA sitting somewhere between a traditional examination and a labour-intensive projects and that does not place too great demands on memory for the student.

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