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Open Exeter: University of Exeter OER initiative

Snapshot of the University of Exeter OER Initiative - Open Exeter, for the OPAL Project...

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Andreia Inamorato Dos Santos
29 March 2010

Open Exeter is a JISC-funded project to release existing learning resources as OER, under a suitable license for content use and reuse. 

The project was launched in May 2009, with the target to make available content equivalent to 360 study credits in their academic system.  They aim to embed OER provision into their mainstream content production in the University. They envisage to administrate the production and publication process of the material by using an Information Technology Infrastructure Library system.

Open Exeter chose to adopt the Creative Commons License, attribution, non-commercial, share-alike (cc-by-nc-sa). They are working towards a streamlined copyright clearance system. 

Interoperability of systems is also a concern to OpenExeter, so the materials they are launching can be downloaded as ZIP files, and are releases in the IMS Content Package format, too. At present, their VLE is Moodle.

Open Exeter will be available to the public soon.

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Tom Browne
1:48pm 9 April 2010


thanks for your interst and this free publicity!

We are 'very close' to putting up some material.   As part of our project we had to develop our repository from scratch and inevitably this has taken longer than expected.

In your summary, what do you mean by 'Information Technology Infrastructure Library system'?

Best wishes,



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