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Karen Cropper
30 March 2010

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Patrick McAndrew
12:34pm 9 April 2010

Opening remarks by Barbara Chow: 130 participants 75 % US 25% international. 61% from higher education, 18% K-12 (21% are both). Despite economic conditions the  OER movement is thriving.

Focus of the day is public policy. Role in bringing about major change though boht hindrance and help. But need to understand how it canhelp OER move to mainstream. Optimism that OER can be exception - Obama support, California digital textbook initiative, UNESCO actions.

There will be opportunities - but need common approach: definitiion, agreement, work together.

Patrick McAndrew
12:46pm 9 April 2010

Vic Vuchic: Successes in 2009 - venture capital, more funders involved, government inititiative, and

Use of analytics: 8 grantees and now 18 grantees. Metrics alow tracking of 25% increase in use. Particularly Phet physics simulations from 5m to 10m per year. Increase in use may be due to removal of "NC" as Pearsons then included in major Physisc textbook. Increases in branded search (up 113%) and in references (about 25% of use) showin network effect of working together. Interested in exploring further.

Open textbooks: adoption in Riverside. Building core suite for commuity college.

Situation means we need to ross the Rogers Innovation curve "chasm" to get into the mainstream. Advocacy is now part of the Hewlett strategy. Need to provide a powerful and coherent input. The $500m available to help Community Colleges in US is a small part to the government so need to be able to get message across quickly and clearly for crossover.

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