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H800-10B Week 9 Activity 4 Statistics

To explore different repositories of resources to find information that might be of relevance to...

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Marc Emlyn Humphries
31 March 2010

To explore different repositories of resources to find information that might be of relevance to the following teaching scenario

  • Large cohort introductory statistics course for students in a range of disciplines.

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What we a re looking for are resources that help in a design for a learning activity for students from many disciplines and therefor varying competences and experiences of using statistics as a tool.

The type of resources that will be useful are

  • for the course designer to give a structure to the course
  • for the course designer to select the tools most useful in the mediation of the learning
  • for the learner to experience being a statistician and learn the rules of statistics
  • for the learner to reflect on what they have learned


Marc Emlyn Humphries
08:47 on 1 April 2010 (Edited 08:47 on 1 April 2010)

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Marc Emlyn Humphries
3:33pm 31 March 2010

My initial thoughts for a resource was the Khan Academy which has a whole section on statistics. This is a site with short step by step YouTube videos from the very basic to the very complex

I realise the activity is to explore the two repositories suggested so that's what I will do.

Marc Emlyn Humphries
3:50pm 31 March 2010

This cloud is the notes and slide show of a session 

Introduction to statistical analysis 

Paul Garthwaite Workshop 3A and Workshop 7B

Which would be too late to visit but has a structure and information that might help in the designing of an activity

Marc Emlyn Humphries
4:10pm 31 March 2010 (Edited 4:16pm 31 March 2010)

"Learn about guides"

Learn about Evaluation Practices

Learn about Survey Practices

Learn about Questionnaire design

Would help look at the issues in designing and implementing quantitative research and have links to other academic resources that would help.

Marc Emlyn Humphries
4:24pm 31 March 2010

The 7 things you should know about site is run by Educause

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology. EDUCAUSE helps those who lead, manage, and use information resources to shape strategic decisions at every level. A comprehensive range of resources and activities is available to all interested employees at EDUCAUSE member organizations, with special opportunities open to designated member representatives.

Marc Emlyn Humphries
5:08pm 31 March 2010

7 Things You Should Know About Data Visualization

Might help.

Marc Emlyn Humphries
5:27pm 31 March 2010 (Edited 8:34am 5 April 2010)

7 Things You Should Know About Data Visualization II

and because it is a large cohort

7 Things You Should Know About Clickers

Gráinne Conole
8:36am 5 April 2010

Hi Marc you've gathered a great set of resource here. Both the Educause site and Learn about guides are excellent starting points - nice, clear succint info. I guess the next step is thinking how to integrate these resource for a particular context and what activities could be devised to get the students to engage with them.

Susan Robinson
7:47pm 7 April 2010

Thanks very much for this Marc - I was beginning to have a bit of trouble working out how to move on from my intial scamper through the cloudworks challenge to the statistics course scenario which seemed most relevant to me - & this a really good start (& Grainne's comment is a good shove in the right direction too...).

Gráinne Conole
8:46am 10 April 2010

Glad they were helpful Susan! :-)

John Kuti
3:03pm 12 April 2010

I think I would begin the course by asking students to collect some interesting raw data from a field they are interested in.

Ask the learning technologist to do a moodle re-mix of the Open University course on statistics at Openlearn.

And get the both the tutors and designers to consider the advice on forums in learnabout

High flyers might have a go at the practice tests from an MIT introductory course or they might prefer to discus the answers in cloud too.

F Latulipe
1:26am 13 April 2010

I've been looking for credible sources of material to help Statistics teachers with a 'large cohort introductory statistics course for students in a range of disciplines'.

I added the first source to the links above to the Perdisco series of introduction to Stats videos. 

But upon trying to add a link to the Journal of Statistics Education

I was notified that the new link would need to be moderated to avoid Spam in the clouds.

I can't help but wonder how scalable this will be as the popularity for Cloudworks increases.

Gráinne Conole
10:27am 13 April 2010

Hi Floriane we have a tight moderating system in place at the moment to ensure that we arent getting spam in here but we are able to whitelist people so will do that with you!

Angela Phillips
12:19pm 10 April 2012

I am also doing H800.  I have added some links for activity 4 week 8/9 for any current/future OU students. :)

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