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Cross-national collaboration

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Kathy Nicholson
2 April 2010

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The group brainstormed a list of issues impacting on cross national collaboration. It became clear that many issues were "generic" or cross-cutting issues relevant to all areas of OER. The group used a consensus approach to distinguish generic from cross-national issues.

The next step in the process is to categorise / group the issues and then to apply some priority ranking methodology to identify the "top" three issues as requested by Hewlett.

A volunteer team comprising Melissa Haggemann, Wayne Mackintosh, Ben Jansenn, Carolina Rossini and Dick Rowe will have a first stab at categorising the issues and propose a methodology for ranking of the issues we identified during the session.


Generic issues

Cross-national issues


  • Is OER a means to an end of the end itself?

  • How can technology be used in support of achieving the goals (as opposed to technology as goal)

  • Listen to the needs (goals)

  • How do you learn about OER?

  • How to fund / how to scale?

  • Complexity of search

  • Pro-active disposition (i.e. to engage those not active in the OER field, e.g. scholarships to attend OER gatherings)

  • Talking to media (messaging)

  • Semantic, collaborative ontologies

  • Sustainability of OER

  • Inclusive Design / Designing for diversity

  • How do we integrate OER into ‘other’ communities of practice

  • Standardization

  • Interoperability (licensing, content and pedagogy)

  • Mobile learning

  • Developing platforms (FOSS)

  • Human-friendly OERs



  • Copyright exceptions (P.D. fair use / fair dealing) / interoperability

  • How do we solve copyright exceptions?

  • Cultural approaches to open licences

  • International communities of OER users

  • OER advocacy: bottom up / top down or both : messaging

  • Cross-national is a “big” word

  • What are the cross-national needs

  • (how to) share cross-national experiences

  • Sharing cross-national research

  • Sharing cross-national practices/experiences with platforms / organisations

  • Sharing cross-national policy practices

  • Language / culture issues (automated translation)

  • Different curriculum interpretations for the ‘same’ subject

  • How to engage communities internationally in response to international issues

  • Virtual mentors -> international publishing

  • Categorization

  • Regional groupings

  • Developing / Industrialized countries

  • Sharing thought processes / sharing tacit knowledge

  • Sharing cross-national transformative practices

  • OER ambassadors


Wayne Mackintosh
00:50 on 14 April 2010 (Edited 01:13 on 14 April 2010)

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9:25am 5 April 2010 (Edited 10:30am 10 April 2010)

I'll just make this note here.

It seems to address the crux of the bizarre value chain which only akademic institutions can afford.

9:35am 5 April 2010 (Edited 10:32am 10 April 2010)

I'll also just note this one as well. It's such a nice backgrounder doc which needn't be reinvented.

And this one which might be useful as a (n unused) template for learning environments.

Richard Rowe
5:48pm 5 April 2010

We at the Open Learning Exchange are particularly interested in discussion of OER issues for k-12 and how those can be related to tertiary education.  

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