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What works best and when : Elluminate or Flashmeeting? Or none of the above?

What has your experience been of using Elluminate or Flashmeetings? How do they compare? What has...

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Margaret Byrne
5 April 2010

What has your experience been of using Elluminate or Flashmeetings? How do they compare? What has worked best for you as a learner or teacher? When is it best to use Elluminate or a Flashmeeting. Do you think either Elluminate or Flashmeetings are effective synchronous online tools? Or have they not worked for you?

Please feel free to add links and references and join in the debate.

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I have used FM and Elly quite a bit and wjilts I agree there are horses for courses, I do think that FM allows deeper discussion for a Masters course - and you don't have to worry about note taking! Provded of course it is automatically recorded.  Here is a comparison I put together for debate!




Similar tool features

Synchronicity, chatbox, voice, whiteboard annotation, upload presentations, send URL/webtour, voting, possible bandwidth/accessibility limitation.

Designed pedagogy

Learner-centric.  No hierarchy

Teacher-centric.  Needs moderator to operate meeting


Single voice  – ability to interrupt

Single voice - multiple if moderator allows



Needs moderator management


Simultaneous video of each participant

Moderator video

Additional tool features


Polling, quizzes etc

User interface


Needs training

Breakout rooms


Need to set up slides in advance for each room – no automatic saving of annotated whiteboards in rooms.  Participants moved by moderator.

Application sharing


Works well


Automatic archiving

No automatic archiving.  Needs action by moderator and cannot save breakout room conversation.

17:52 on 10 April 2010

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