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OERHF Birds of a Feather: OER & Research

Working with Open Educational Resources raises many questions: How to take part? What benefits does...

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Patrick McAndrew
8 April 2010

Working with Open Educational Resources raises many questions: How to take part? What benefits does it bring? Which content works best for the users? Is education changing around the use of OER? How can we recognise what is happening and share what we know? …

At this stage these questions seem to divide into how best that those working on OER can join together and sustain the provision of free content as part of what the education sector does. And the strongly related issue of how can learners and organisations make the best use of free resources to help people participate and gain from the learning experience.

The Research table for a Birds of a Feather lunch will give a chance for discussion around what we should be researching and those ideas that are good to share. And also of course a chance to eat lunch!

Patrick & Candace

This cloud has been created for any content, links and discussion related to the Birds of a Feather session taking place at The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation 2010 Grantees Meeting 11:45 am -1:00 pm on Friday 9 April at the St Thomas More Centre, Yale University, New Haven.

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Patrick McAndrew
1:51am 10 April 2010

We talked about the role of research in both helping OER act as a movement and as finding out the impact that OER can have on teaching and learning. Some issues cross between the two areas - e.g. building sustainable approaches. There was interest in the social side of OER - which does not always prove viable as the numbers of people taking part can be low. On the other hand the examination of the practices around content may be more transferable than looking at content itself.

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