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OERHF Birds of a Feather: OER & China

OERHF Friday Birds of Feather session - Facilitator: Fun-Den Wang, China Open Resources for Education

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Karen Cropper
8 April 2010

This cloud has been created for any content, links and discussion related to the Birds of a Feather session taking place at The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation 2010 Grantees Meeting 11:45 am -1:00 pm on Friday 9 April at the St Thomas More Centre, Yale University, New Haven.

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Stian Haklev
1:36pm 8 April 2010

I am excited for this BoF session, since I've been spending the last two years researching the Chinese state-led OER effort for my MA thesis. I've given a number of talks, see below (the older ones are out of date, I've learnt a lot since I gave them, but included for completeness):

2010. The Chinese National Top Level Courses Project – using Open Educational Resources to Improve Quality in Higher Education. Part of the seminar series, Comparative, International and Development Education Centre, OISE, University of Toronto. Slides, audio.

2009. Chinese OpenCourseWare – a Case Study of a Large State-Sponsored Program. Open Education Conference 2009, University of British Columbia. Video.

2009. Global Concept, Local Practices: State of the Research on OCW in Chinese. Talk given at the Connexions/OpenCourseWare Consortium Regional Conference 2009, at Rice University in Houston, February 5-6. Slides+audio.

I've also given a number of talks in Chinese, which can all be found here.

The main portal for accessing the Chinese government-funded OER (called jingpin kecheng/精品课程)is here (only in Chinese).

There is also the MyOOPS Taiwanese translation project (in Chinese), and the Taiwanese OCW consortium (in Chinese), as well as the CORE OCW translation project (in English).

Looking forward to the discussion. 

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