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OERHF: Delegates List

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation 2010 Grantees Meeting  Delegates list

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Karen Cropper
9 April 2010

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation 2010 Grantees Meeting  Delegates list

This list is ordered by last name and includes: Lastname, Firstname, Organisation - See link section for a downloadable PDF.

Adams, Wendy, PhET Interactive Simulations
Albright, Susan, Tufts University
Allen, Nicole, The Student PIRGs
Anamuah-Mensah, Jophus, Open University, UK
Baker, Judy, Foothill College
Bays, Terri, OCW Consortium
Bissell, Ahrash, Hewlett Foundation
Blanco, Andrew, Learning Games Network
Buckingham Shum, Simon, The Open University
Byers, Al, National Science Teachers Association
Caine, Abel, UNESCO Communication and Information (CI) Sector
Cariani, Karen, WGBH Educational Foundation
Carson, Stephen, MIT OpenCourseWare
Chaudhry, Muhammed, Silicon Valley Education Foundation
Chow, Barbara, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Chu, Lucifer, OOPS
Cooperman, Larry,
Cornwell, Melanie, Creative Commons
Cropper, Karen, The Open University
Crouse, Sara, Wikimedia Foundation
D'Antoni, Susan, Athabasca University
D'Oliveira, Cecilia, MIT OpenCourseWare
Eberle, Francis, National Science Teachers Association
Fasimpaur, Karen, K12 Open Ed
Ferreira, Frances, Commonwealth of Learning
Fisher, Meg, Apple, Inc.
Fletcher, Katherine, Connexions
Forward, Mary Lou, OpenCourseWare Consortium
Frittelli, Claudia, Carnegie Corporation of New York
Fruchterman, Jim, Benetech
Fu, Brian, US Department of Education
Gebhard, Nathan, Roadtrip Nation
Geith, Christine, Michigan State University
Glennie, Jenny, Saide- South African Institute for Distance Education
Goddy, David, Scholastic Inc.
Gooding, Ira, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Grodd, Alex, BetterLesson
Hafer, Samuel, Yale University
Hagemann, Melissa, Open Society Institute
Håklev, Stian, Peer2Peer University
Hancock, Mara, UC Berkeley
Hanss, Ted, University of Michigan
Hardin, Joseph, University of Michigan
Harrington, Alana, The Saylor Foundation
Henriquez, Andres, Carnegie Corporation of New York
Hillwig, Phyllis, Words & Numbers
Hirsch, David, Yale University
Howl, Michelena, Yale University
Janssen, Ben, Open University of the Netherlands
Johnson, Roberta, Education & Outreach Program
Jones, Kim, Curriki
Joo, Jae-Eun, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Kamdar, Adi, Yale University
Kanchanaraksa, Sukon, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Kaufman, Peter, Intelligent Television
Keirn, Tim, Cal State Univ Long Beach
Kernohan, David, JISC
Kim, Phillip, The Michelson Foundation / Karlin Asset Management
Kirn, Sarah, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Kleiner, Diana, Yale University
Kumar, Vijay, MIT
Kurshan, Barbara,
Larson, Richard, MIT
Lawrence, Paul, Yale University
Lee, Mary, Tufts University
Leichty, Reg, EducationCounsel LLC
Lenz, Bob, Envision Schools
Lesperance, John, Commonwealth of Learning
Levey, Lisbeth, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Levick, Jeffrey, Yale University
Levin, Douglas, State Educational Technology Directors Association
Lindstrom, Christine, The Student PIRGs
Linksvayer, Mike, Creative Commons
Lippincott, Rob, PBS
Lopez, Gary, Monterey Institute for Technology and Education
Mackintosh, Wayne, OER Foundation
Manchester, Elizabeth, Maine International Center for Digital Learning
Marriner, Mike, Roadtrip Nation
Marshall, Clancy, DynamicBooks
Mcallister, Brian, Roadtrip Nation
McAndrew, Patrick, The Open University
McMullen, Karoline, Yale University
Mednick, Fred, Teachers Without Borders
Moon, Bob, The Open University
Muramatsu, Brandon, MIT
Murray, Elizabeth, MIT
Newlin, John, Maine International Center for Digital Learning
Ngugi, Catherine, OER Africa
Nicholson, Kathy, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Nudelman, Felice, The New York Times
Nurmi, Jennifer, The Saylor Foundation
Osterweil, Scot, Learning Games Network
Otieno, James, Silicon Valley Education Foundation
Paharia, Neeru, AcaWiki and P2PU
Patrick, Susan, International Association for K12 Online Learning (iNACOL)
Perkins, Donald, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Perkins, Kathy, PhET Interactive Simulations, University of Colorado
Petrides, Lisa, ISKME
Pittenger, Linda, Council of Chief State School Officers
Plotkin, Hal, U.S. Department of Education
Powell, Brad,
Punt, Nick, Inigral, Inc.
Reich, Justin, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Rosenstock, Larry, High Tech High
Rossini, Carolina, Berkman Center at Harvard University
Saylor, Michael, The Saylor Foundation
Schonfeld, Roger, Ithaka S+R
Socias, Miguel,
Sovde, Douglas, Achieve
Srivastava, Anil, International Network for Cancer Research and Treatment (INCTR)
Steif, Robbin, LunaMetrics
Steinman, Michael, The Saylor Foundation
Swineford, Lucas, Yale University
Thieringer, Stephan, AcrossWorld Education
Thierstein, Joel, Rice University
Thille, Candace, Carnegie Mellon University
Treviranus, Jutta, University of Toronto
Vignare, Karen, Michigan State University
Vollmer, Timothy, Creative Commons
Vuchic, Victor, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Wallinger, Linda, Virginia Department of Education
Walsh, Suzanne, Lumina Foundation
Wang, Phoenix, Startl
Wang, Fun-den, china open resources for education
West, Paul, Commonwealth of Learning
Williams, Phillip, One Economy Corporation
Wojcicki, Esther, Creative Commons
Wolfenden, Freda, The Open University
Wong, Amy, Silicon Valley Education Foundation
Yergler, Nathan, Creative Commons
Zook, David, B&D Consulting

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