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Keynote Address – DIY U - Anya Kamenetz

Keynote Address – Anya Kamenetz, Author, DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming...

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Patrick McAndrew
10 April 2010

Keynote AddressAnya Kamenetz, Author, DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education

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Anya Kanenetz - writer of a book "Generation Debt" about the current generation of students (leaving college with average $23,000 debt). Past of revolution in higher education in the 60s & 70s but now need to identify the revolution that is needed to further expand HE. But tuition fees have risen faster than any other component of the price index - leading to decline in belief that college education is available.

Is there a new "tipping point" around funding - limited availability of cheap credit may mean this cannot be sustained - so is there a moral case of Radical Innovation.

Vision of HE as 3 aspects:
1. Content
2. Socialisation
3. Accreditation

Content (OER) = infrastructure. Media sees distance learning in limited terms (iTunes as learning). But actually iTunes has increased attendance at live events. See learning as "both" across several dimensions.
Socialisation - model of the dandelion head - connected and then spread out. Move from facebook to 2tor, StudyBlue, etc. trying to target social for learning.
Accreditation = the final frontier of openness. New models from BehanceNetwork (for creative portfolios) - now used for finding people to hire. KODA - general portfolio for connecting employers with employees. Brazen careerist - connecting people for jobs. These are mostly generation Y startups that are perhaps bypassing need for an institutional badge on their work.

Old concept - get accepted, go to university, get diploma, end up with desk job.
BUT already know most people will not follow this pattern and then feel like "failures" because they have not.
New way - set own goals, draw on multiple resources, mentors, networks, internships, professional contacts -> portfolio -> multiple jobs.
New way is - more complicated.
Key change in order need:
Connecting innovation with $ savings - and thus with access.
DIY U = Learner centred - content +socialisation+accreditation

Q: How do you get past the need to have the qualification.
A: It is evolving - economic opportunity has hinged on qualification but changing.
Q: No child left behind with standards and testing will hit higher education. This is a different set of pressures. Difference then between what learners want and what it is perceived that students need.
A: There are no good metrics - much currently comes from expenditure per student and high entry qualification rather than actually measuring the added value. Need to be more open about what we can measure.
Q: Examples of how people can show their worth - what about looking at accreditation on a more formal basis.
A: There is an opportunity for accreditation - perhaps on personal basis.
Q: Is it the brand rather than accreditation - Harvard as a brand rather than accreditation.
A: e.g. "Jack Welsh" carrying out video based MBA.
[In some ways The Open University is a step along this route as many students there do not graduate - but do gain recognition and employment on something that is less than a degree.]

Patrick McAndrew
15:13 on 10 April 2010

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Simon Buckingham Shum
02:55 on 11 April 2010 (Edited 13:22 on 11 April 2010)

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