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Tips and Hints for interviewing [ELESIG]

Tips and Hints for interviewing from the ELESIG wiki

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12 April 2010

Tips and hints for interviewing learners to understand their experiences of using learning technologies

by ELESIG Members including Shalni Gulati, members of the ELESIG subgroup on Interviewing

from the ELESIG wiki

The tips and hints were developed from the ELESIG discussion forum contributions. The contributions provided guidance for different interview approaches to examine and understand learners’ experiences of using learning technologies. The aim implicit in these guidelines is to use interviews to allow learners’ voices to be heard. The purpose is to develop a deeper understanding of how learners experience learning technologies and how they use them to facilitate their learning.


  1. Part 1 Setting the context for an interview

  2. Part 2 Guidance on Video Interviews

  3. Part 3 In-depth interviewing techniques and methodologies

Added to the ELESIG Wiki site: July 2008

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Giota Alevizou
11:55am 12 April 2010

Very interesting resource, and I look forward to seeing how it will develop. The LEX links (right) appear to be broken though. There maybe a typo in the URL?

12:00pm 12 April 2010

Thanks Giota, have fixed them!

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