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Windows, Mirrors and Gates: Fred Mednick

Presentation about Teachers without Borders at Beyond Borders conference....

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Patrick McAndrew
20 April 2010

Presentation about Teachers without Borders at Beyond Borders conference.

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Fred Mednick

Windows, Mirrors and Gates. The theme is that OER impact is still unknown – what is being offered, reflected or available. Just as the volcano limiting Fred to a video conference presentation was not easy to predict, the ingenuity of the K-12 school system to make use of the opportunities is hard to predict. There are complex options available to teachers.

There are 59million teachers (the largest professionally trained group in the world) and Teachers without Borders is seeing how a “High-tech; high-touch; high-teach” approach can be adopted by this community of teachers.

The work needs to be led from community and participants but evaluations cannot then be dropped in. Rather concentrate on meeting the needs. An example was given of emergency education that is needed for earthquake zones – following from earlier work in Sichuan province by teachers without borders. Returning to the region to educate with relevance to the needs of living in an earthquake zone. The result is to connect OER with teachers with peoples needs.

His view is that content need not be colonial in the hands of intelligent people – idealism can win through with the example of the impact in China and across the world leading to initiatives and collaborations. His work also needs to draw in experts in geology, mobile technology as well as education.

Patrick McAndrew
13:20 on 20 April 2010

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Fred Mednick presentation on Teachers without Borders

Fred Mednick presentation on Teachers without Borders

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