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Activity: 20 minutes: Course Map


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Rebecca Galley
21 April 2010

As part of our Learning Design/Course Business Models work we have been developing a number of views of a course. One is a Course Map (or at a glance) view, which represents the course in terms of four categories:

  • Content and Activities
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Guidance and Support
  • Reflection and Demonstration

This essentially is a refinement of an earlier view which was based on five categories.


Using the Course map guide, fill in each of the 6 boxes to provide an ‘at a glance’ representation of your module or course (10mins).

What you need

  1. Course Map guide. See embedded image below
  2. Blank Course Map
  3. An activity, module or course to experiment with mapping


Consider the following questions:

  1. Who might be interested in seeing this view?
  2.  [How] can you ensure that the text that is added is appropriate for everyone you listed above?
  3.  At what point or points in the course design process do you think course teams should complete this document?
  4. (For support teams) How might this 'at a glance' representation support discussions with course teams about the resources, tools, advice and activities your unit offers?  (5 mins)

This activity format is based on the e-tivity format developed by the Adelie Project Team working on the Carpe Diem project.

Extra content

Embedded Content

Course map

Course map

added by Rebecca Galley

Course map blank. Download from SlideShare.

Course map blank. Download from SlideShare.

added by Rebecca Galley


Niki Lambropoulos
7:54am 14 May 2010

excellent work Rebecca! I also found your slideshare account :-)

Rebecca Galley
8:01am 14 May 2010

I'd be really keen hear how you find using this representation. Grainne has blogged about the thinking behind these which I thought you might find interesting (link to the side).

Isabella Brown
7:38pm 11 June 2011

what I found interesting about this activity was seeing the focus of different faculty's courses. Based in science I thought that the reflective element was pretty much absent a lot of the time and can only think of 1 task that involves reflection on one of my courses. Courses with exams would be definition involve more reflection as there would be a need to revisit previous information and correct misunderstandings.  however i would argue that courses with EMAs don't require so much reflection / revisiting as once a summative assignment is completed it doesn't really have any bearing again. This is perhaps a failing.


Susan Hillyard
9:02pm 10 January 2013

I could not find out how to use the blank forms. 

So I made my own....then it took me perhaps an hour. But I think it's extremely clear and definitely "at a glance"

Susan H 

Sancha de Burca
3:42pm 18 January 2013

I used this to test a couple of courses at both HE and lower levels and found it useful to see clearly where the strengths and weaknesses were. I was surprised at how much reflection we have included!

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