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MUVE Based Academic Discussion Discussion

A discussion in an MUVE 'bookended' by activity in a VLE.

Cloud created by:

Marion Manton
6 October 2008

Stage One (framing):
  1. Tutor to post briefing page on VLE
  2. Students to post kneejerk response in private space on VLE
  3. Tutor to respond one to one
  4. Students to reconsider in light of Tutor's comments and prepare second kneejerk
  5. Second kneejerk to be posted on VLE
  6. All students to read, think and prepare third kneejerk for posting on whiteboard in MUVE
  7. third kneejerk to be sent to Tutor for posting in MUVE
Stage two (dynamic discussion): 1. Everyone arrives in MUVE to find third kneejerk responses on board 2. People read these and reflect as everyone arrives 3. Tutor asks each student in turn to comment 4. after everyone has responded people go into groups (arranged in advance), go to their ‘stations’ and prepare jointly a ‘final statement’ 5. final statements to be sent to Tutor 6. Tutor reconvenes students and the session ends with a final discussion. Stage three (reflection): 1. Tutor to annotate final statements, and add comments 2. Tutor to post final statements on VLE 3. Students free to discuss final statements and tutor’s comments by themselves.

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