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Learning metaphors [John Morrison: Webinar Recording]

Learning metaphors Influences of students' experiences on their understandings of learning: Elluminate recording of webinar

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22 April 2010

Learning metaphors:  Influences of students' experiences on their understandings of learning

John Morrison, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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From ELESIG International Webinar 25 Feb 2010

John Morrison from Vancouver reported on his PhD project on the influences of students' experiences on their understandings of learning.

The dominant approach to elearning has been course-based approaches to elearning. If in the future we want to support more scenarios where the supports inherent in a course are absent, it might be useful to understand what students are picking up about learning through course-based elearning. Building on research into students' experiences of elearning from the JISC 1 and JISC 2 rounds of studies, this small case study of Canadian university undergraduate program which makes significant use of elearning technology attempts to examine aspects of students' identity as learners, how exposure to networked based elearning is influencing their conceptions of learning on networks. This session will highlight some challenges of researching students' identity as learners, some trends which this research brings out from the JISC 1 and JISC 2 studies and some specific findings from the current study.

John Morrison has taught in K-12, college and university settings across Canada and held various faculty support roles, primarily within educational technology. He has also worked in the elearning industry which gave him an opportunity to view elearning implementations around the globe. Originally a Brit, he has lived all over the UK and North America and is currently finishing an Ed.D. dissertation looking at students' experiences of networked learning.


Elluminate recording from ELESIG webinar 25 Feb 2010


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