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Learners' experiences of e-portfolios [Julie Hughes & Emma Purnell: Webinar Recording]

Learners' experiences of e-portfolios: Julie Hughes & Emma Purnell: Webinar recording

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22 April 2010

Learners' experiences of e-portfolios

Julie Hughes & Emma Purnell, University of Wolverhampton

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From ELESIG webinar: Nurturing learning communities in an e-portfolio system to enhance student learning: 4 Nov 2009

"This session will share a number of experiences of using PebblePad eportfolio at the University of Wolverhampton. Julie Hughes will give an in depth practitioner perspective from the School of Education. Julie will share numerous success stories of engaged communities of learners who are established and sustained through the use of eportfolio and blogs. Emma Purnell will share institutional perspectives, exploring strategy drivers and staff engagement. Emma will give an overview of successes and challenges of providing support, encouraging community and addressing sustainability and scalability issues at institutional level. There will be chance to explore e-portfolio-based learning from pre-induction through to transition out of Higher Education. There will be emphasis upon blogging as reflective critical thinking (ePDP) as an exploration of self as learner/as practitioner/as group member. There will be discussion on the potential for aligning learning outcomes, learning and teaching methods and assessment to a commitment to integrative learning (Cambridge 2008) and the exploration of the interface between the delivered, experienced and lived curriculum (Yancey 1998). Key to session will be examining the importance in supporting colleagues and students in the development of the technical skills and for some the culture shift to an iterative and dialogic learning and teaching model. We will share what we have learnt from engaging in reflective, evaluative dialogue with our students and colleagues."

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