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Multimedia enhancement of opportunities & outcomes for learners engaged in open, flexible & distance learning: theory & practice

This is a paper to be given at the DEANZ 2010 conference ( Please...

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Hazel Owen
23 April 2010

This is a paper to be given at the DEANZ 2010 conference ( Please leave questions and comments, and join in the discussion around multimedia, learning, creativity and empowerment. To view the Slideshare presentation, please click HERE. To access the handout, please click HERE. And, to read the full paper, please click HERE.

"The paper explores how multimedia for education enhances outcomes and opportunities for learners and practitioners engaged in open, flexible and distance learning. The ’quality connections’ and ’boundless possibilities’ which are the theme for this conference are examined through exploration of how embedding multimedia artefacts into meaningful tasks can scaffold learners’ understanding of concepts, demonstrate practical skills, and, where learners are creating the multimedia, enable cultural appropriacy and foster creativity. The paper illustrates how the use of multimodal activities can be efficacious, motivating, and assist learner volition. Additional benefits include catering to learning preferences, and enhancing accessibility. All of these factors are key in enabling open learning, especially in blended or distance programmes. The argument is contextualised through a discussion of the relevant literature, along with descriptions of the use of multimedia in a small range of contexts within two very different institutions: Unitec New Zealand and Dubai Men’s College, UAE."

The link to the full paper is:

Please cite as: Owen, H., & Martin, H. (2010). Multimedia enhancement of opportunities and outcomes for learners engaged in open, flexible and distance learning: Theory and practice. Paper presented at the DEANZ 2010 - Quality Connections - Boundless Possibilities: Through Open, Flexible and Distance Learning.

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