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OPAL dimension 7: Business models/sustainability strategies

What business models or sustainability strategies exist for OEP? ...

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26 April 2010

Add you thoughts on business models for OER.

  • What business models or sustainability strategies exist for OEP?
  • Are there examples now of where OER initiaitves are sustainabile beyond the lifespan of a funded project?
  • Stephen Downes has outlined a number of models for OER sustainbility ((see paper) - how eviddent are these models?


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OPAL dimensions document

OPAL dimensions document

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Lou McGill
9:48am 17 May 2010

The UK JISC funded study into business models and cases for sharing learning resources looked at a range of models and focussed on subject discipline (community) sharing and Open sharing. Might also be useful for people interested in this aspect.

McGill, L and Currier, S and Duncan, C and Douglas, P (2008) Good intentions: improving the evidence base in support of sharing learning materials. Project Report.

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