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HELLO: Higher education lifelong learning [Lucy Stone]

HELLO: Higher education lifelong learning Lucy Stone Presentation

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27 April 2010

HELLO: Higher education lifelong learning

Lucy Stone, Leicester College


 From Members' Corner at ELESIG Symposium: Digital Futures: 21 Jan 2010, iLab, Innovation Works, University of Reading

 The HELLO Project is a JISC funded project in the Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development strand.

Leicester College has over 60 HE courses delivered across a variety of Curriculum Areas.  Learners are full-time, part-time, work based and distance. 

The HELLO project has two elements to it:

Element One: Development of a student led network to enable them to collaborate and forge friendships and social groups, replacing lost physical social space.  Within the network, there will be participation from employers and industry experts, who, we hope will get involved with discussions, advertise work placements and provide industry updates.  Links will be made with other HE Institutions to offer advice on appropriate courses post Foundation Degree.

Element Two: Development of course level resources Including use of an E-Tutorial, block texting services, online formative and summative feedback and forum discussions.

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