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Suggested OER Reading List (for Academics New to OER)

We would like to build up a suggested reading list for academics who are new to OER and would welcome suggestions in this cloud.

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Karen Cropper
29 April 2010

We would like to build up a suggested reading list for academics who are new to OER and would welcome suggestions in this cloud either as comments or links below.

SCORE is a HEFCE-funded project (2009-2012) based at The Open University supporting individuals, projects, institutions and programmes within higher education in England who are engaged in creating, sharing and using open educational resources (OER). As well as publishing its own OER content, SCORE has a fellowship scheme, offers support and advice, mentors UK OER projects, offers events and online community support.

A central part of SCORE is its fellowship scheme. SCORE expect to fund 36 fellowship projects between 2010 and 2012 with two thirds drawn from outside the OU. Fellows work is expected to inform, influence and impact on OER policy and practice across the higher education sector. Projects may be ‘stand-alone’ or involve collaborations with other fellowship projects to address important themes in OER activity.

Based flexibly at the OU in Milton Keynes, fellows can draw on the OU’s expertise in creating, sharing and using OER. They will receive support from the SCORE team, mentors and the OU’s OER fellowship community (which includes Open Learning Network (OLnet) international fellows).  This reading list will be a useful resource not only for SCORE and OLnet fellows but also an open resource for anyone who is interested in finding out more about OER.

For more information about SCORE:
For more information about OLnet:

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Giota Alevizou
10:05am 29 April 2010 (Edited 10:42am 29 April 2010)

I have added an indicative, yet certainly not exhaustive, list of academic resources and reports.

For those that do not wish - or have time - to go through the entire list, three key reports (full refs included right) provide a comprehensive review of the development of the OER movement, describing many of the major initiatives in the field: 

The collection edited by Iiyosh, Kumar and Seely Brown (2008), considers the wider notion of ‘openness’ and what it might mean in an educational context. This is available online as an open access book.

Stian Haklev
5:23pm 29 April 2010

I think some of my presentations give a good overview of some of the range of OERs available around the world. I can especially recommend

2009. Innovative Projects in the Publishing of Open Educational Resources. Open Access Week at University of Toronto 2009. Acrobat Connect archive, Mp3, slides.


2009. Open Education around the world. (with Jim Slotta). Invited presentation at OISE Education Commons. Slides, links, video and audio.

Looking forward to the other suggestions.


Giota Alevizou
11:14am 30 April 2010

Thanks Stian, that's great. I read the  Peer-To-Peer Recognition of Learning in Open Education paper and enjoyed it very much. It raises interesting issues around accredidation that need to be addressed in different contexts/cultures. It would also be great to see more research on the motivations of different stakeholders around the world.

Stian Haklev
1:09pm 30 April 2010

Thank you. Yes, we're doing a lot of work on the topic of open accreditation right now, and we are planning to hold a research conference about this as well, to push the idea forward. Also an interesting project with Mozilla Drumbeat on the open web developer career track.

Karen Cropper
2:54pm 30 April 2010 (Edited 1:52pm 1 May 2010)

Thank you both for your contributions.  I look forward to contributions from others.  Giota, you have done a lot of work and it is appreciated.

Vicki McGarvey
1:04pm 21 May 2010

Has anybody seen this quite a nice overview of some stuff on openness that is out there.

Michael Clifford
1:28am 27 March 2013 (Edited 1:31am 27 March 2013)

Not sure if this is the correct place to bring this housekeeping issue up, but the following links in the ref list do not work:

Hewlett (2009) Open Educational Resources Initiative, 2009 Report
added by Giota Alevizou

Harley, D., Henke, J., Lawrence, S., Miller, I., Perciali, I. and Nasatir, D. (2006) Use and Users of Digital Resources: A Focus on Undergraduate Education in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Berkeley, CA, Center for Studies in Higher Education, UC Berkeley, Available at: _text.pdf

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