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e-moderating is too simplistic - we are dealing with diverse learners

Why have I thought about this? •Some student dissatisfaction- lack of participation (...

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marion waite
29 April 2010

Why have I thought about this?

•Some student dissatisfaction- lack of participation ( feedback)

 by others

•Shared experience with colleagues based on our current values & expectations that learners will participate. (I think we are simplistic at times. We deal with diverse learners!) 

•We are learners!

•Aware of scaffolding strategies, is there more to this than meets the eye? •Threshold concept? (Land & Meyer, 2008)- Opening up of a portal to reach a new understanding ( irreversible)- Savin & Baden, into this analytical framework •Has caused me to revist Salmon

•The world has moved on re learning technologies & potential for representation of different identities, text, visual , sound etc •I think Savin & Baden aren’t contradicting Salmon but are perhaps opening up a new way of looking at Salmon’s term ‘lurking’ ( browsing) 

•Hard to compare the methodological quality of the evidence ( content analysis vs narrative inquiry) without more time ! 

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Jeff Waistell
5:51pm 10 January 2013

Sounds very interesting, Marion! I am very interested in your cloud for 2 main reasons:

-I love diversity and I am averse to categorising and stereotyping individuals, whoever they be and choose to be.

-I teach on the Global MBA programme and we have a highly diverse student group from all over the world.

A great cloud, thank you!


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