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OPAL case study 11: Open, Transferable and Technology-enabled Educational Resources (OTTER) project, Leicester University , UK

The OTTER project at the University of Leicester – funded by JISC and...

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30 April 2010

The OTTER project at the University of Leicester – funded by JISC and the Higher Education Academy – enables, pilots and evaluates systems and processes designed to enable individuals, teams and departments to release high-quality open educational resources (OERs) for free access, reuse and repurposing by others under an appropriate open licence, in perpetuity.

OTTER will contribute a body of OERs from 9 departments at Leicester, equivalent to 360 credits. OTTER makes extensive use of learning technologies and maximises the affordances of the JorumOpen platform and Leicester’s institutional open source platform, Plone.

In effect, OTTER is an exemplar pilot process to allow for the extensive long-term adoption of the concept and use of OERs at the University of Leicester and in the higher education sector generally.

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Narrative case study for OTTER

Narrative case study for OTTER

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