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OPAL case study 21: OERs in Simulated learning (SIMSHARE), Warwick University & 4 other HE partners, UK

Simshare is UK HEA Centre for Legal Education's (UKCLE) open educational resources (OER) project,...

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30 April 2010

Simshare is UK HEA Centre for Legal Education's (UKCLE) open educational resources (OER) project, aimed at creating a repository of simulation resources. The project is part of the HEA/JISC Open Educational Resources Programme - find out more on the about OER page and meet the Simshare project team.

What will Simshare do?

Simshare aims to release a wide range of existing simulation learning resources across the educational sphere. It will support the release of open educational resources under a Creative Commons licence and will collate and repurpose existing simulation materials for use by the higher education community.

UKCLE has been involved previously in simulation learning through the SIMPLE project and the benefits of simulation are well documented. However the full scale development of widely shareable and repurposable content amongst simulation designers and users has been almost non-existent. This has had serious consequences for the uptake of simulation as a form of situated learning: if the power of simulation to help students learn is widely recognised, so too is the effort required by staff to create and resource simulations. Simshare aims to resolve this by:

  • repurposing simulation resources created by the SIMPLE project as open educational resources
  • working with colleagues in other Academy subject centres, for example with the BMAF Network to support a simulation created in a management science module
  • facilitating an interdisciplinary community of practice around simulation learning

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