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OPAL case study 22: PHORUS project, Kings College London & 16 other HE partners, UK

The Public Health Open Resources in the University Sector (PHORUS) project is part of an...

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30 April 2010

The Public Health Open Resources in the University Sector (PHORUS) project is part of an intitiative to release open educational resources focused on public health in the Higher Education sector. Funded by HEFCE and supported by JISC and the Higher Education Academy, PHORUS is led by the HEA  Health Sciences and Practice Subject Centre working with the Royal Society for Public Health, Bournemouth University and other institutions.

It is one of thirty projects across the countries of the UK in an initiative designed to test practical considerations and benefits of providing open educational resources (OER) in Higher Education. We are working together to promote the development of open educational resources in public health, and undertake research into enablers and barriers to the release of resources.


  • Critically assess the enablers and barriers to releasing learning resources in Public Health for open access in order to develop a conceptual framework to inform OER implementation and thereby enhance the student learning experience.
  • Identify and work towards openly releasing existing Public Health learning resources.


  • Explore and develop business approaches & determine IPR challenges applicable to enabling the release of resources
  • Strengthen the Community of Practice to encourage contributions from the Universities Public Health Network
  • Identify and critically assess enablers and barriers
  • Promote the culture of sharing across various health related disciplines
  • Use the concept of OER to encourage reflection on developing educational processes through sharing experiences
  • Include a range of stakeholders: students, learning technology roles, ISS, 3rd sector (NGO – Public Health Forum)
  • Identify and release Public Health Learning Resources for open access
  • Synthesise, review, and capture emerging themes and open resources through a single access point on the Health Sciences and Practice Subject Centre website
  • Disseminate findings and share good practices with the HE community
  • Evaluate the underpinning processes and outcomes of the project

The PHORUS project incorporates two research elements. These are being undertaken by researchers at Bournemouth University. They consist of an online mapping and scoping review and a Delphi study to identify enablers and barriers to releasing public health related open educational resources (OER)...


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