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OPAL case study 23: Key Social Sciences resources for learning & teaching, Birmingham University & 16 other HE partners, UK

The HEA Subject Centre for Sociology, Anthropology & Politics (C-SAP) has been successful in...

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30 April 2010

The HEA Subject Centre for Sociology, Anthropology & Politics (C-SAP) has been successful in receiving funding from the JISC/HEA Open Educational Resources programme. This new initiative will work across three main areas; institutionally managed learning materials, individually developed materials, and materials drawn from across a set of subject areas in conjunction with individuals and departments. It is this latter area that C-SAP, as one the HEA Subject Centres, will operate within for the purpose of this pilot project. Working with a few key partners (ranging across the C-SAP subject areas), our project will focus on the processes of making ‘open’ a selection of learning materials by re-working them and depositing into a dedicated learning and teaching repository such as JORUM. However, alongside the transformation of digital materials and the practical challenges which may ensue, our project will also aim to take a critical social science perspective on the processes, motivations, and incentives for sharing digital educational resources, and to try and develop recommendations and practices for the ongoing release of learning material within a spirit of collective review and endeavour.

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