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OPAL case study 24: Organising Open Educational Resources (OOER), Newcastle University & 16 other HE partners, UK

A proposal to the HEFCE/Academy/JISC Open Educational Resources - call for projects was submitted...

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30 April 2010

A proposal to the HEFCE/Academy/JISC Open Educational Resources - call for projects was submitted by the HEA Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry & Veterinary Medicine (MEDEV) on behalf of a wide range of partners in the UK.

The project, entitled Organising Open Educational Resources (OOER) was funded under the Subject Strand, which is managed by the HEA.

There is already significant activity in the area of sharing resources in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. This is typically on a sharing amongst limited discipline communities, around a particular area such as assessment and/or on a semi-commercial basis. Examples include: IVIMEDS, IVIDENT, CLIVE, UK Council for Communication Skills Teaching in Undergraduate Medical Education, eVIP, mEducator, MedEdPortal, MedEdCentral, UMAP, and DENTED. Uptake is patchy and tied specifically to involvement in one or more projects such as those listed above.

The OOER project proposes to open up the process to a wider constituency and encourage sharing more openly, as well as reveal existing good practice in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine in UK HE.

The results of a mapping and ‘readiness’ categorisation phase, together with the development of simple ‘Toolkits’ (to help HEIs, Subjects and Individuals) will inform the identification of ER to be included, and uploading ER will test and refine Toolkit development.

The project is run by MEDEV on behalf of the partners who steer it through the work of an Executive Group and Work Package Leaders.

Iterative evaluation informs the partners and funders of issues arising within the project and the results will be disseminated via websites and a stakeholder event.

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