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Alison Iredale
3 May 2010

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Just reading Archambault - Philosophical Analysis and Education.

The problem, as he seems to describe it is that Education is not a scientific discipline, and is not susceptible to theorising - mainly because we humans do complicated things. So we use a pragmatic, relativist philosophy, and Dewey tracks back to Plato in this respect. However this is fine until the context fails to follow the idealised situation/context that need to be constructed for any generalised principle/theory to take hold. Dewey's ideas rely on education as a democratic ideal, just as Habermas's theories rely on democracy, equality and equity etc. In my setting we are facing a managerialist, performative cuture, which shows no signs of abating. Transgression through cracking Dewey is possible though. The current debates on the evidence for ICT in schools is a case in point. There is no satisfactory established research method that will point definitievly for its economic justification. A reflexive methodology (see Alvesson 2009) is an exiting one to explore, and Dewey would have approved I am sure.

Alison Iredale
11:28 on 3 May 2010

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