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Presentation: Community-centered networks and networking among companies educational and cultural institutions and research

Presentation at NLC 2010, 3rd May 2010

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Gráinne Conole
3 May 2010

Ulla Konnerup

Aalborg University is a networked university:

  • Matchmaking initiative 2006 and Development contract 2008-2010, Sharing knowledge agreement 2009
  • Philosophy: public sector, business and labour and academia and research agencies
  • Transforming knowledge into useful product
  • Inspired by the triple helix mode - government, university and industry Camacho, 2009

How to define networks?

  • Castel 2000-2004 (networked society - attached to the individual employee adn his/her skills, social networking as a means of interacting),
  • Wenger 1998 (CoP - Joint enterprise, mutual engagement and shared repetoire)),
  • Brown and Duguid 2000 (Networks of practice - bridge gap between CoP, shared interests, meet at seminars etc can be depedn on each other)

From bounded static network to active dynamic networking

Strong (relationships between people who live or work together, over time they will think alike) and weak (help solves problems gather information and import unfamilar ideas) ties

NoEL - Network on eLearning

Private-public network, 22 companies, stared in 2008 as a project funded by the Danish Agency, partners co-finance with man hours, it is coordinated and administered by elearning lab AAU


  • in person meetting
  • virtual collaborative environment - Moodle environment for participant, but difficult to keep a discussion alive, you need a dedicated facilitator to maintain the discussion and level of engagment. In reality it has turned into more of an archive for documents and presentations
  • dissemination
  • newsletters
  • match making session

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