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Reflections: on the Networked Learning Conference 2010

Networked Learning Conference, 3-4th May 2009

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Gráinne Conole
4 May 2010

This cloud has been set up as a means of gathering views on the conference which will feed into the panel session at the end of the conference. The panel consists of some of the presenters involved in the pre-conference hotseats. Each hotseat focussed on a different theme:

  • Learning in social networks and networked learning
  • Impact on learning of networked technologies
  • Networked learning and international development
  • Theories and methods for research in networked learning
  • Globalisation and interculturality in networked learning

In what ways has the conference built on or drawn out these themes?

  • What for you have been the highlights of the conference?
  • What one thing will you take away

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Will Pollard
8:33am 4 May 2010

This is from a distance so is more of a question than a comment because I don't know what is being said. It strikes me there is no news online about the manifesto. What happened? Maybe there is no manifesto to promote. But if there is one why not publish it? Search on Google blogsearch turns up another one

but I would like to know more news from #nlc2010 and also any thoughts about the web format for a manifesto.

Gráinne Conole
8:55am 4 May 2010 (Edited 8:57am 4 May 2010)

Hi Will

I have to admit ignorance as I don't know anything about this but looks interesting. I do remember however the conference organisers presenting a manifesto at the Networked Learning conference in 2002 - would be interesting to see how that holds up today. In fact just found that Vivian has been providing an update about it at the conference! Will add a link.

Will Pollard
9:34am 4 May 2010

Hi Gráinne,

Found this from the website. But what happened?



Symposium 1

The Space Occupied by Networked Learning in the Higher Education Curriculum: Revisiting the Networked Learning Manifesto

Will Pollard
9:40am 4 May 2010

Sorry I realise now you already have added this link above.

But the other link to a manifesto is one I found through blogsearch. The 2002 one is the one they are revisiting.

The 2002 page is about a "dissemination event". So this follow up could be easier to find than it is.

Vivien Hodgson
10:25am 9 May 2010

Hi - I have added the link to the Networked Learning Manifesto that we were actually revisiting at this years conference - which arose from an ESRC seminar series.

We thought it would be interesting to review and re-consider 8 years on which is what we did in the symposium starting with the question; 'Have we reached a point where we require a framework for learning in the 21st century rather than a revised version of the manifesto? '

We plan to follow up the questions we raised and explored in the session with a post conference hot seat discussion!


Will Pollard
7:59am 10 May 2010

This hotseat will be very interesting. Good to see the site continues even after the conference.

I have added a link to EQUEL, the papers are still there. I am still not sure where the 'quality'' fits in. But this could become clearer in chat mode.

I think a manifesto is a good idea if it can be easily understood and is widely promoted.

Will Pollard
12:44pm 12 May 2010

I have added a link to my blog about Quality Assurance and a conference on Experimentality. Not sure how this fits together but it may clarify by July. Something to do with modernity.

What came before modernity? Was it medieval? What was good about it?

roy williams
2:32pm 12 May 2010

Hi, some initial reactions and thoughts on the conference in my blog:

with a link to a more lengthy response on a wiki.  

Will Pollard
11:57am 16 May 2010

Link added to papers from #NLC2010

Will Pollard
1:00pm 11 June 2010

My impression so far is that the 2010 conference moved away from a manifesto, a public statement, and away from technology as an aspect of networks. So I think this is away from mode two as sometimes understood. Not sure about this, but I am trying to work out something for the Experimentality conference in early July. No news on the hotseat as far as I know so any links welcome.

roy williams
2:50pm 11 June 2010

Vivien / Will, I have no hard and fast view on a manifesto, but I think a framework for learning in C21 is needed, even if it takes a while to gell.  'Connectivism' delivers some ideas towards a new framework, but it has a long way to go.  In fact I think Etienne Wenger's Learning for a Small Planet probably comes closest, and is far richer as a framework and as a theory. 

A few of us are putting together a paper for IRRDOL on this, which will draw on the above, but also on Dave Snowden's recent presentation to Critical Literacies ( which may be of interest.

Vivien Hodgson
11:23am 13 June 2010

Roy interesting point re Wenger's Learning for a Small Planet which I agree might moves us towards the sort of framework we could be usefully be looking to develop in C21.

At  the NL conference we gave a poster session on a project we are currently working on which is a Leadership for Sustainability Learning Network and in it we are by implication trying to implement ideas of Networked Learning within a learning framework that fits with the C21. Some sense of the project can be seen at

Be interested to hear more about your IRRDOL paper - don't know the conference.

Will Pollard
11:50am 13 June 2010

Leadership for Sustainability Learning Network is very interesting. An actual website can demonstrate the theory in the design.

There is Higher Education Innovation Funding until July 2011. Is this linked to the North West of England? could there be some benchmarking on other regions?

I have added a link to make clicking easier.


Will Pollard
5:33pm 13 June 2010

I found a site for Wenger's Learning for a Small Planet.

However the PDF with a technology survey is from 2001. Where to find something more recent? The technology matters and it changes.

roy williams
10:25am 14 June 2010 (Edited 10:26am 14 June 2010)

Will, you are right, the website is not too helpful.  I have posted a copy of Learning for a Small Planet on my wiki:


roy williams
10:45am 14 June 2010 (Edited 10:49am 14 June 2010)

Vivien, typo on the reference: IRRODL (sorry).

Thanks for the link on the Lsln, it looks very interesting.  The IRRODL paper is theoretical, and draws on complexity theory (Snowden's practice, Cilliers theory, and Knorr-Cetina's institutional analysis), and now, Wenger's Small Planet paper, on social and fractal learning.  It's called: Designing for Emergence, which will be a challenge to write!  We will try to put together a framework for just that.  In part its built on a critique of Downes's radical openness in CCK08, which we presnted at Aalborg (Ideals and Realities of participating in a MOOC).

It will also link to other much more practical research we have been doing on narrative, also informed by complexity theory.  This attempts to provide a simple, interactive methodology for people to explore and articulate the way they learn, and reflect on their emergent professional identities.

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