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Activity: Lens 1: Assessment

Activity designed for an OULDI-LSBU workshop May 2010

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Rebecca Galley
5 May 2010

In this activity you will look at your learning design with a focus on assessment. Choose whether you would like to focus on summative (graded assessment at the end of unit or module) or formative assessment (assessment that informs teaching and learning throughout).

Tools and resources

Your whole module outcome(s)

Your Storyboard

Your Course Map

The REAP (Re-engineering assessment practices) cards developed by the Viewpoints project

 Option 1: Choosing an appropriate summative assessment method (25mins)

  1. Identify 5 different ways you might summatively assess whether your students have achieved the chunky outcome(s)
  2. Seek advice and guidance from the stalls and explore options you might not have previously considered
  3. Choose what you believe to be the best assessment method based on your findings.
  4. Make a note of this on your Storyboard and Course Map

 Option 2: Viewpoints Activity (25 minutes)

  1. Choose an aspect of formative assessment that you want to focus on e.g. improve dissertation standards, improve student engagement
  2. Look at the front of the cards and choose ones that might help you achieve your objective(s). Rank them in order of importance
  3. Turn over the most important card(s) and tick any ideas that might help you address your chosen scenario
  4. Add these ideas/ strategies to your storyboard in the appropriate place.

 To finish (5 minutes)

  1. Check to see if your Course Map needs updating based on the work you have just done
  2. Update your action plan

 The REAP project 

The Viewpoints project 

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