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Shared Thinking and Whole-Group Enquiry/Inquiry

Shared Thinking is an innovation in enquiry/inquiry based learning. It was created and developed as...

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Nicholas Bowskill
5 May 2010

Shared Thinking is an innovation in enquiry/inquiry based learning. It was created and developed as part of my inter-disciplinary PhD research at University of Glasgow. I have presented this work at a variety of conferences based on data from empirical research (latest was Networked Learning Conference in Denmark this week).

Through the combined use of a generative discussion protocol and network-based technologies (voting technology and whiteboards etc) the Shared Thinking approach is used to leverage the diversity of ideas/concerns etc. in the whole-group.

Shared Thinking is an innovation in reflective practice being a generative process of collaborative reflection. It extends current practices of collaborative reflection through a dialogical process that creates a visualisation containing both quantitative and qualitative data with issues set each in relation to others. 

Shared Thinking constitutes an innovation in Networked Learning highlighting the potential of classroom based technologies for whole-group enquiry.

Shared Thinking is an innovation in inquiry/enquiry based learning working, as it does, at whole-group level with student-generated concerns and ideas. It is as much an enquiry into the group and it's ideas as it is an enquiry into the issue. It is therefore a process of group-situated enquiry that recalls and extends work done elsewhere by Stroup, Ares, Hurford and others on mathematical simulations. Shared Thinking is applicable and has been implemented in a diverse range of subjects and for staff as well as student development. 


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