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OPAL case study 33: Chemistry-FM project, University of Lincolnshire, UK

This HEFCE/JISC/HEA project will release all educational resources used in Year 1 'Introductory...

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6 May 2010

This HEFCE/JISC/HEA project will release all educational resources used in Year 1 'Introductory Chemistry for Forensic Science' students (total of 30 credits). 

The course is designed to cover all the major areas of chemistry (inorganic, organic and physical).  In 2008, through internal, competitive bidding, the
Centre for Educational Research and Development funded the production of high quality, student- produced videos for this course, which help explain difficult concepts using a mixture of animation and live action. Due to interest from other institutions, the videos are now available under a BY-NC-
SA licence. With this present project, we wish to extend this approach to all resources for this course. In addition, by working with Siren FM a campus-based community radio station, we will use their recording and broadcasting expertise to develop additional multimedia resources with students and apply current online broadcasting methods to the creation and delivery of these materials. All resources will be made available through our JISC-funded Institutional Repository, third-party Web 2.0 services and via a dedicated website powered by Siren FM. By employing both students and a campus-based enterprise, we will demonstrate a sustainable and innovative approach to the development and dissemination of OERs.

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